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As a chef, it's not always easy to find a job with the right fit - many offers require a great deal of travel time for limited work. When you search with Janzz, you specify the criteria important to you, and the resulting matches are exactly what you need. Shortly after signing up with Janzz, I had a match. After a brief interviewing period, I received a first class job offer. As I prepared my Janzz, I was able to turn to a competent support team with the questions that came up. I received tips and suggestions to improve my JANZZ quickly, usually within the same day. I can only say “thank you” JANZZ.
I used to work extensively in retail marketing in the 1990s in the UK and then moved to Switzerland in 2000. I first worked for a global enterprise for two years but then changed to English teaching in 2002. I was out of marketing for 10 years after that. Recently, though, I realized that I wanted to move back into marketing but I was worried about my lapsed experience and skills. I had nothing to worry about as JANZZ offered me the opportunity to enter very clear criteria – the tool even offers you different suggestions to try if your first criteria are unsuccessful. I didn’t give up. Because of the precise nature of the matching tool I found a couple of offered JANZZs and the company who I now work for contacted me. I apparently had exactly the right skills they were looking for – skills that I hadn’t even thought were the most important but which I thought of as simply my personality traits.

J.D. from Richterswil.
I have been extending my Accounting skills here in Switzerland since I moved here from Germany 6 years ago. My boyfriend recently moved to Hong Kong to work as a journalist and I will be joining him later this year. I used JANZZ first to find an English Teacher to help me develop my English skills and then to find an accounting position with a large international organization in HK. JANZZ has so many possibilities, not just to find a job from a wide choice, but also to offer work to others privately. It’s easy to use, even though I had a little help from the online chat support, and there are lots of good FAQs and Tips to refer to that made my JANZZs more exact. I even had more skills than the company was looking for! I’m curious now how JANZZ can help us when we are in HK.

C.K. from Zurich.
As an English native speaker teaching English in Switzerland I have learned that I can offer a variety of services to different clients. I heard about JANZZ from a student of mine whose Master’s thesis I had proofread and so thought I’d try offering proofreading services on JANZZ. The online chat support was very helpful in assisting me fill out the JANZZ, I admit I was a little confused with my job as English Teacher and my new role as proofreader but with their help I learned the most effective keywords to use. As it turns out, I now not only have students wanting me to proofread their theses in Switzerland but I have a student now in Munich and one in Paris. JANZZ has also brought me together with a company in Switzerland who want their corporate design manual edited! This really is such a diverse and essential tool and so cost effective! I would never have found new clients from other countries otherwise!

Thanks JANZZ!!

J.B., Zurich
I wasn’t even searching for a job. I had filled out my LinkedIn and Xing profiles and one of my contacts there told me about so I filled out a profile and created a JANZZ out of curiosity. It’s so precise and really makes you think about the skills and experience you have. I was really surprised when a company contacted me. The matching scale was a really good feature so I could see how well my JANZZ matched that of the company. It was too good an opportunity to miss…I hadn’t even thought that I would like to move to another country to work, especially not as far away as Singapore! I’ve been here 3 months and now I’m using JANZZ to find a housekeeper for my apartment.
The costs of recruiting new staff for a small boat building company like ours can be prohibitive. So when we learned of how cost effective JANZZ is we had to try it out for ourselves. But JANZZ didn’t just save us money in expensive job adverts, it also saved us time – we didn’t need to read through a pile of CVs which are usually in different formats and styles anyway, the matching function is really clear and we found a fellow boat builder with an impressive degree of experience and the added skills we were looking for. Since finding him we have also found a builder’s mate and a mechanic to add to our team.


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